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Our 1st Caribbean Adventure Comments:

The fabulous people who attend and especially the graciousness & kindness of Nancy Lopez herself.  She is incredibly approachable and down to earth.  The instruction on & off the course from Teresa, Sue, Nancy and of course Nancy Lopez herself was outstanding.  I cut 8 strokes from my game after having these amazing ladies give me swing thoughts.  Amazing, Incredible, Fun.

Golf, Beach, Food, accommodations & the comraderie!

The people!!  The golf I expected to be enjoyable.  I was unprepared for how personable, friendly & down to earth Nancy,Ed, Sue and Teresa were the entire trip.  I felt at home on the first day.  The same must be said for all the guests.  Another unexpected treat to make such wonderful new friends.  Quality folks, every one.

Golf, playing with Nancy then Sue, hopefully with Teresa next time!  There will be a next time.

Friendship, seeing old friends and making new ones.

I love the comraderie between all of us & it was wonderful meeting new people to the group.  Thank you for all your hard work putting this together.

All the people we had with us & the great instruction.  I also loved using the caddies.  I never used one before.  The places you pick are a 10!

Friendship, laughter & great golf!

Creating memorable experiences with Nancy Lopez & team.  I truly enjoyed making friendships, playing great golf courses & excellent food.

The golf experiences and the fun times that everyone had.

Meeting new people and spending time with Nancy.

Loved playing golf with my sister Dot & Wendy & new friends and old!  Playing 9 holes with Nancy and then 8 more with Teresa, they make golf FUN and not so serious!

Everything was great.  So many new friends!  Really loved the personal contact with Nancy, Sue, Ed & Teresa.  Great food!  They teach you in a friendly way so you really understand the goal of the golf lesson.


This is what participants liked about our VIP Experience at Pinehurst:

Playing all the different golf courses at Pinehurst & holding my own.

Combining my golf skills or limits into making the "play plan" work... priceless. Still a work in progress is the key.

Meeting new friends and playing golf.

New friendships.  Fun groups! Lots of laughter.

Pinehurst #9 & sitting on the porch talking in the evenings.

Golf & meeting new friends.  Excellent golf & making friends.


Comments from our recent St. Andrews Scotland Adventure:

It was amazing in every way, from the courses to the food, to the pubs, to the accommodations. All top-notch and beyond expectations. Icing on the cake - all with Nancy Lopez, couldn't be better!

Nancy Lopez Golf Adventures staff never fails to miss the spot-organizing, directing and encouraging the participants. Don't be sad that it is ending, be Happy that this time happened.

Celtic Golf was fantastic. Everything was so organized. For someone in their 60's it was so inspiring to meet and play with Nancy Lopez.

Amazing week with the Best Pros! Great golf, accommodations, food and made the best new friends!

One of the best trips I've ever been on. Great planning, great venue, awesome views. Love Nancy Lopez, thank you for a fantastic time!

The golf was fabulous and all the participants were fun - hopefully friends for life! It was a joy meeting Nancy

The courses were incredible, the new friends I made are awesome, and getting a hole in one in the presence of Nancy will be a long time memory!

This past weekend with Nancy, Sue and Teresa, you ladies ROCKED IT!!!! What a fab VIP WEEKEND IN COLORADO!!!
Dot & Kate - New York

THANK YOU ALL FOR AN AMAZING WEEKEND!!! This was the best trip ever, one that I will for sure treasure!
Cindy - California

You guys are awesome and what a treat to spend time with Nancy Lopez - I had the time of my life!! Thank You
Kathy - New Jersey

Loved the weekend at Crane Lakes. Played today in my league and shot my best score a 4 over par 74 for 18 holes. I have once in a while shot in high 70s but this was great. Thanks I played happy.
Kathy – Rhode Island

Thank you so much for the feedback and for the wonderful weekend all of you put together. I learned so much! Going over water used to really scare me. You are an excellent teacher and today I played golf at my home course and I went over the water on every hole where it came into play. I thought about the confidence you gave me on that par 3. Thank you again. I'm looking forward to the next time I can play a Nancy Lopez Golf Adventure!
Linda - Texas

I truly enjoyed spending time with you all. I appreciate your approach to teaching & coaching. We will all be better golfers for sure :) Kim – Massachusetts

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