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Nancy Lopez Golf Adventures, LLC is excited to announce our partnership with Nancy Lopez Golf, a company offering exciting product for women who are passionate about the game of golf.

Their website, www.nancylopezgolf.com, is packed with exciting offers and information!

On-Line Store for ladies golf clubs, ladies golf apparel and accessories and ladies golf bags ...
Nancy’s World for Golf Tips, Fitting Room, Charity info, and my NEW Blog...

View the Nancy Lopez PLUS Collection for an exciting array of golf apparel designed to fit and flatter the plus sized women.

Nancy Lopez Golf is dedicated to providing innovative, quality golf equipment that will assist the woman golfer in improving her performance and enjoyment of the game.

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The ShowTime grip is one of the most innovate and exciting high performance components of the past 50 years. It is simply the best sports grip available today. Thousands of players are making ShowTime their grip of choice. Available for Baseball bats, Lacrosse sticks, Golf clubs, Tennis and Racquet ball Racquets.

The high performance proprietary rubber compound provides enhanced tack and feel that top players need to perform at their peek. ENDORSED BY TOP PLAYERS ShowTime bat grips are endorsed by top players and organizations around the U.S., including a top major league slugger.

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Celtic Golf is the leading company for customized golf vacations from North America to the thrilling links courses of Ireland. We also tailor vacations to Scotland, England, & Wales, and in addition, we create bespoke trips to the hottest golf destinations of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.

A family-owned and run company, we take a personal delight in surpassing our clients' expectations. Thus the special events packages and destination offers that we suggest here are merely stepping stones towards the golf vacation of your dreams. Add shopping excursions, spa treatments, culinary adventures... Drawing on our extensive contact network and decades of experience, Celtic Golf can make suggestions and recommendations to excite you.

Contact us today and let us make your DREAM vacation real! 800 535 6148 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Celtic Golf receives Golf Digest Editor's Choice Award - Best Tour Operator 2016
read more... http://celticgolf.com/news/?title=best-golf-tour-operator-2016

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Martini Golf Tees Inc. was founded by the father and son team of Cliff and Dave Baker. Cliff Baker is 91 years old and a member of the Plastics Hall of Fame. It was Cliff's vision that developed the resin blend used for Martini Golf tees. Martini Golf tees are made in the USA.

Martini Golf Tees are a full 3-1/4 inches tall, perfect for today's larger drivers. Independent laboratory testing proves that Martini Tees give you drives that are both farther and a straighter, compared to wooden tees. You can get a year's supply of tees for the same price as one martini cocktail!

For more information go to www.martinigolftees.com or call (888) 903-8337

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ENJOY 15% OFF YOUR SHIPMENT - Click Here to start your worry-free travel needs
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JCR was inspired by our founder, Dan Langner, and his emphasis on family values. The letters represent the initials of his three sons. They all share a love and passion for golf, the lifelong lessons learned from it, and the bonding experienced from each and every round shared together.

Dan was fed up and tired of playing golf with bags containing big, empty pockets with little to no organization. Thus, he set out to build a better golf bag that had the organizational functions of a modern backpack. He finished the design with a clean and elegant look. JCR has evolved from Dan’s vision into a highly successful performance golf bag and accessories company with innovative features as well as unsurpassed customization capabilities.


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U.S. Kids Golf was started as a family business desiring to stay true to the mission and purpose of bringing kids into the game. Because providing the right equipment needed to be coupled with improved programs, coaching, and opportunity for competition, like other organized sports, the Foundation was started.

The vision of families spending time together outdoors and playing golf is our true passion, and many people throughout the golf industry have joined us in our efforts. We are thankful for our role in giving kids the lifelong game of golf. For information, please visit.


"I wanted to develop a device that would provide golfers with dynamic feedback, and help them feel their body swinging in a tour pro motion"

It was this shift in philosophy that led me to develop a tool that could help a golfer feel and learn the golf swing motion. I wanted a device that would provide golfers with dynamic feedback, and help them feel their body swinging in a tour pro motion. After years of research, experimentation, and collaboration I was confident that I had the perfect tool and The Orange Whip Trainer was launched.

The Orange Whip Trainer is a golf swing aid and a golf fitness product for a new generation. I believe it to be the best swing aid ever created and I'm confident that anyone that uses my product on a regular basis will agree.

Jim Hackenberg, CEO & Developer of Orange Whip Golf



Golftrainingaids.com has expanded to now offer the world's largest selection of golf teaching and training aids. Serving the golf industry for over 30 years, they are the most knowledgeable one stop shop for all of your training needs.