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The Front Nine

Are You Ready For An Adventure Like No Other?

Improve your game & lower your scores all from the comfort of your own home…

Join our Play Happy Online program and learn from LPGA Legend Nancy Lopez

The Front Nine

Meet Nancy

Connect with Nancy virtually through  her online video “golf & life lessons” centered around her Father Domingo’s Play Happy philosophies.

    • Learn the Play Happy philosophies of LPGA and World Golf Hall of Fame member, Nancy Lopez
    • Receive Golf Instruction from LPGA National Teachers of the Year Sue Powers and Teresa Zamboni
    • Practice what you learn through easy to navigate Play Happy Activities/Drills for golfers of all abilities
    • 12-week self-paced Play Happy Online Game Improvement Program.

  • I finally got outside to practice the drills - holy cow did I hit the ball well! The warm up exercises were great, and the posture check made all the difference in my long irons. Also, the measurement for how close/far away really helped too. Just to point out a few things.
    I've played for a long time and thought I knew a lot. Wrong! Thanks for the program!

    Terry from Minnesota 0 - 15 handicap
  • “I love this program! It is drills you can pull up at any time on your computer or phone and look back to correct what went wrong on the course ... I must tell you, the NLGA philosophies really do resonate.”

    Sheena from Scotland 0- 15 handicap
  • “The videos were super helpful! Love the online course.”

    Patti from Florida 16 - 29 handicap
  • As a newer golfer, I now understand the fundamentals and have been able to improve quickly with the video and written instruction. I also enjoyed hearing stories and encouragement from Nancy Lopez. Golf can be very intimidating and I now have the tools to gain more confidence and Play Happy!

    Julie from Michigan 30+ handicap

Nancy Lopez

Teresa Zamboni

LPGA Class A Professional

Sue Powers

LPGA Class A Professional


Nancy’s Life Stories and What Each Play Happy Philosophy Means To Her

Hole #1 - Define Playing Happy for You
Hole #2 – Little Steps to Success
Hole #3 – No Judgement Zone
Hole #4 - Smiling to Relax
Hole #5 – Smiling to Relax (continued)
Hole #6 – Choose Happiness
Hole #7 – Choose Happiness (continued)
Hole #8 – Be Your Own Cheerleader
Hole #9 – Be Your Own Cheerleader (continued)


Learn/Refresh Your Knowledge of the FUNdamentals of golf explained by Sue and Teresa.

Hole #1 - Orientation/Program Goals – Define Playing Happy for You!
Hole #2 – Putting
Hole #3 – Chipping
Hole #4 - Pitching
Hole #5 – Bunkers
Hole #6 – Short Irons
Hole #7 – Long Irons/Hybrids
Hole #8 – Fairway woods
Hole #9 – Driver


Put into practice what you have learned through these easy to navigate Play Happy Golf Activities/Drills for your performance track.

Hole #1 - Define Playing Happy for You
Hole #2 – Little Steps to Success – Putting Activities
Hole #3 – No Judgement Zone – Chipping Activities
Hole #4 - Smiling to Relax – Pitching Activities
Hole #5 – Smiling to Relax – Bunker Activities
Hole #6 – Choose Happiness – Short Iron Activities
Hole #7 – Choose Happiness – Long Iron/Hybrid Activities
Hole #8 – Be Your Own Cheerleader – Fairway Woods Activities
Hole #9 – Be Your Own Cheerleader – Driver Activities


"Play Happy" Front Nine Program

$170 Value… now for ONLY



 Start Your Round- Recorded Orientation Call 
(8) Play Happy Philosphy Videos from Nancy Lopez
(8+) Golf Improvement Instructional Videos from Sue and Teresa
(8+) Play Happy Golf Activities/Practice Drills
 Summary Video/Next Steps 

Your Performance Track will be based on your handicap range:

Newer Golfer (does not keep score, scores over 120)
30+ handicap (scores over 105)
16 to 29 handicap (scores between 90-105)
15 or less handicap (scores under 90)

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